What Just Happened?

Be honest. How many times has this simple question come to your mind when watching the news, scrolling through your Twitter or Facebook feed, or just having a conversation with someone about current events? In the past year alone, I probably asked myself what the f**k just happened an average of 1,000 times, daily. I’m positive that I’m not alone in that experience (#2016, am I right?).

I decided to create this blog as a way of tackling whatever is floating around in the public consciousness. Whether it’s a recent political decision, a statement from a public figure, the outcome of a referendum, or a wave of protests, What Just Happened will address it. The format is meant to be informal, thought-provoking and accessible, in the hopes of starting, or at least contributing to, a wider conversation.

About Me

I hail from Belleville, Ontario, or “mid-sized city half-way between Ottawa and Toronto” for those of you less familiar with Canadian geography. I’m currently living in Madrid, España, fulfilling my destiny. I have a B.A. in politics, and an M.A. in human rights, but most of my education comes from drinking wine and raging with people far more intelligent than I about the state of the world.